The Stride Story

Stride is a unique business, manufacturing and selling office products, including ring binders, writing instruments and other products to large corporations across the United States from our headquarters in Albuquerque, NM. Stride does custom manufacturing in our Reno, Nevada manufacturing facility. The name Stride was trademarked in 1982 and was chosen because their products were made by some very special employees, people with disabilities, who had a job and were earning a paycheck. They’ve made great strides in their personal development!

Stride was purchased from a Sheltered Workshop in Albuquerque, NM in 1988 by Barbara Brennan, who had been managing the business since its inception. Certified as a WBE, (Women Owned Business Enterprise), across the United States, the company’s philosophy is to supply customers with the highest quality products available at competitive prices, while employing their very valuable personnel.



Thank you for visiting our website! Stride is very special to everyone in the Stride family. The third of my five children was born with hydrocephalus. Blind by the time he was two, Joe died shortly before his 8th birthday. This has led us to a lifetime of working for, and with, people who have handicaps.

Our Special vision has created success for our company. We sell to some of the biggest corporations in the USA by having quality products and fast delivery. But our mission is important to our customers also. Stride knows that working, mastering a task, gaining a skill, is the best builder of self-esteem in the world. And in the many years Stride has been in business, over 200 people have out-grown our factory and are now employed in the community.

But some will stay at Stride forever. Some may cut ties with federal help completely. Others need a combination of employment and aid. The most important thing is having a job to go to each day. A task, a skill, a place where a person can succeed can always be found at Stride. Come join us in this mission. We would greatly appreciate your business.

Barbara Brennan, Founder/Owner.


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